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The little social media star already has his very own Instagram and he looks all ready to follow in his daddy's footsteps! Juno — named for the Olympian Roman goddess, of course — even has an Instagram dedicated to her cute puppy pics! Johnson and Phelps' journey to the altar hasn't been an easy one.It took the Olympian and beauty queen awhile to get where they are today.Chandler said Phelps initially contacted her on Tinder and the two had their first date at a Baltimore Ravens game.Taylor, 43, claimed the pair even had sex at the match, saying: "One thing led to the next and we made love during halftime." The 31-year-old swimmer denied the relationship – but that hasn’t stopped Taylor slating him on Facebook at every opportunity.The pair had originally started dating in 2007 before ending their relationship four years later."I'm pretty sure we both shared stuff with our parents and were like, ' Oh, this is it, there's no way we are getting back together,'" Johnson recently shared with .

But Johnson revealed that they’re also thinking about another big milestone: their wedding, set to happen at the end of this year. The two have already made strides in starting a family.the cutest cheering section in all of Rio de Janeiro.While we swooned over the sheer adorableness of the Olympian's fiancé and little one rooting him on as Phelps won his 19th, 20th, 21st, 22nd, and 23rd gold medals (seriously, is this guy even human?Although they seem picture-perfect now, Johnson admitted that at a time, they were both unsure on their future.“I’m pretty sure we both shared stuff with our parents that we were like, ‘Yeah, this is it.

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“We have a date,” the former Miss California, 31, told Access Hollywood while sitting next to Michael’s mom, Deborah Phelps. ” Phelps, 31, popped the question to his on-off girlfriend of eight years in February 2015, announcing the exciting news in an Instagram where the happy couple rolled around in the snow. She also confirmed the engagement in a separate post, where her massive sparkling engagement ring was visible. Johnson gave birth to their son, Boomer Robert Phelps, on May 5.