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“When she walked into my office for the first time, she was wearing overalls, the chunkiest shoes you ever saw, and a baseball cap turned backwards,” recalls Winkler, who was immediately captivated.

“Most actresses would wear the highest heels, shortest skirt, and lowest blouse to meet the director, but that’s not the way she is.”“There are huge pressures on women in this business to keep up a certain appearance,” says actor Kiefer Sutherland, who knows a thing or two about young starlets and has been a pal of Bullock’s since they met on magazine, reportedly retreating to bed for the day and refusing to take any calls.

Her asking price of 0,000 for Don’t think Julia Roberts, whose current price per picture is in the million category, isn’t looking over her shoulder.

Bullock is clearly this year’s Pretty Woman, give or take Pocahontas.

At first she tried luring him to a Knicks game by giving him two tickets but unfortunately she forgot to say that one was for her, so he ended up taking his nephew to the game.

When Joshua was finished with Rachel at Bloomingdales he invited her to the opening of a new nightclub he had been investing in.

“That,” he adds, eyeing her sandwich, “is dangerously close to the peanut-butter-and-fried-banana thing.” Between feedings, you begin to wonder if it is possible that Sandy Bullock, with her cheerleader looks, buoyant manner, and junk-food habit, is really as frighteningly normal as she appears on-screen. Says Denis Leary, “If she has a skeleton in her closet, she probably put it there.” Still, it is hard to know what to make of a movie star whom other actors and directors repeatedly describe as “fun to work with.” When Irwin Winkler, who directed her new techno-thriller, . She hasn’t got some spot that’s going to be rubbed raw. Studio executives rave about her “accessibility,” the industry buzzword used to explain her boffo box-office returns.

Fans—including swarms of gushing teenagers—carry on about her as the girl they’d most like to be, have as a best friend, adopt, or marry.

But the young actress, who graduated from Washington-Lee High School in Arlington, Virginia, in the class of 1982, is probably closer to 31.Bypassing lettuce and tomato, she slaps the whole mess between two doughy slices of bread and takes a big bite.““You’re getting to be more like Elvis every day,” Leary replies with the trademark sneer that has made him an MTV icon. I think she’s really enjoying herself and it shows.”This has been Bullock’s year, a giddy, intoxicating 14 months in which the back-to-back successes of have catapulted her past the constellation of more established actresses to become Hollywood’s brightest new star.Rachel agreed even though she had already promised her boss that she would go with his niece (Emily) to the opera.She had a horrible evening and didn't even get to see Joshua because she couldn't get in as the VIP list had messed up her name to Rachel greep; also she had triggered off a relationship between Emily and Ross (who was persuaded by Rachel to go to the opera).

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UA" Joshua Burgin appeared in several episodes in Season 4.

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