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I have several other polygamous ancestors with similar stories. JD married Mary Ann Williams in 1857, he was 45 she was 13. One thing about being a Lee, you can always find a lot of cousins here on the board! We just found out we have them in our back yard :( I did a little research on them yesterday and found out they were polys, 3ish females to one male and they all live in the same den. I have no clue who volunteered, but since its a rural area, EVERYONE out here knows the story. (He was 56) It appears that Inger Pedersen was a widow.

They had no children, divorced, and she married his son John Alma in 1859, he was 19. I'm descended from six polygamous marriages that I know of. Here they are: 1840 - Margaretha Christine Alexander, age 16. Her husband died in Denmark the year before she married Rasmus in Utah. Mary Cristina Sorensen also had been married to another man in Denmark.

By all reports, he loved her dearly, but she died in childbirth with my great grandfather Charles Emil Jeppesen. A few months later, I met my wife, who is a sweet and beautiful southern girl. He also had orchards where the Intermountain Indian School was built.

My mother knew him, and he told her that he was raised by a mean step-mother. If the Utah girl's family hadn't moved, I would have most likely married her, and would probably have never found my way out of the church. I never knew him because he died when my father was 16.

He had joined the church while in Scotland and emigrated to the United States and joined the saints in Utah.

He was a poet and was quite well published and well respected. She's going to check which wife, she doesn't know off-hand.

Some reports have it that after having all her children Mary Ann divorced Cox and remarried Richardson. Now were almost in the range where Cox is old enough to be her grandfather. And hes just one of four polygamists in my family tree.

He died ten years later, after siring six children with Emma. My great-great-great-grandfather was a man named John Lyon.

(Yes, Rasmus' son.) She was Jeppesen's first wife, and they were two days apart in age. I dated a girl for a year whose mother was a Jeppesen from Brigham City. I was very serious about the girl, but her father got transferred to CA and she went to BYU, while I stayed in Alabama. I'd love to have a news article of some polygamous ancestor who was arrested to put on my wall. BTW, it sounds like you're lucky to have escaped the clutches of this Jeppesen girl. He was a local politician, a Democrat back when that was acceptable in Utah.

He even wrote a poem poking fun at polygamy, which Briggie did not appreciate. The house was originally built by a family who had some "help" in getting their kids.

So Brigham Young commanded him to take a second wife much to the consternation of my G-G-G Grandmother who was enjoying being a grandmother. John Lyon, age 53, married Caroline Holland, age 16 and proceeded to have seven children, the youngest being born in 1872 when John Lyon was 70 years old. The man went off to WWII, and received an injury, the type of which he could not have kids.

My 3rd great grandmother, Ellen Catherine Ottesen, married him in 1859. I have another ancestor, Lars Anderson Larsen, who had eight wives.

The information I have is sketchy, but many were teens.

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I told him it was pretty much up to her who she dated. She married a convert she met at BYU named Harrison. (Oh, like I'm any good at math.) So, you have the first generation of polygamists.