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On a website through which tourists can get to know the natural beauties and wonders of Serbia there was recently a new, hilariously funny text about 6 mistakes you should not make if you decide to visit these parts. This is what you can expect - it says in the introduction, with the saying that a foreigner will probably end up at a feast made by a grandmother of your Serbian friends.Number of tourists in Belgrade rises by 10 percent LIKE US ON FACEBOOK - Telegraf English, or write to us on: [email protected] You intend to visit this country. This means hedonism in unique courses: stuffed cabbage, meat-pie, and kebabs which will make you drool. These are infamous drought, destiny reading from the coffee cup, and tavern fun!Bucan said the poor living conditions outside of official camps as well as deportation fears are pushing many desperate migrants into the hands of smugglers and human traffickers."It's a very lucrative business and they are exploiting people, but it seems like it's the only option for the migrants," she said.Despite a traumatic journey that has left him afraid for his life, Ali said he intended to use a smuggler to get him to Calais in France and onto Britain."I want to build my life there, and continue my education," he said.Hungry, destitute and cold, they are often visited by Serbian men who offer to pay them for sex - knowing some are so desperate that they will do anything to survive."They come here and target the foolish ones," said Navid, a 16-year-old from Afghanistan, who did not wish to use his real name, like other child migrants."They ask how much money you need.They pay and they go, but they do bad things with them," he said, explaining how some men offer up to 2,000 euros (US,114) to have sex with the boys.Hundreds of child migrants have arrived in Serbia since last year, traveling for months to escape fighting and poverty in Afghanistan, Pakistan, Iraq and Syria.Like Ali, many are stuck in Serbia unable to continue their journeys to Western Europe because of snow and closed borders, having spent most of their money on smugglers who got them this far.

But with the borders closed and around 100 migrants arriving each day, Serbian centers are reaching breaking point, says aid agency CARE International."The number doesn't seem big, but it's big for a country like Serbia which is a middle-income country with high unemployment," said Sumka Bucan, director of the group's humanitarian operations in the Balkans."It's very difficult to deal with this situation without assistance from the international community," she said.

It is believed that drought kills people on the Balkans since 1912. Negative comment about Novak Đoković Warning: this is a huge mistake.

They are clear as a day and there are 3 of them: - Leave your shoes in front of the door - in houses in Serbia people take off their shoes before entering.

The eldest son in his family, Navid said he fled to Europe for a better life after suicide bombings devastated his hometown in northeast Afghanistan."My mother said, 'If you work in the city, there is fighting.

If you go to school, they plant bombs and kill people.' We decided that I should leave," he said in the small room he shares with a 12-year-old boy at the Belgrade warehouse.

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It comprises of several layers of dough stuffed with cheese, meat, or vegetables (spinach, potatoes). A couple of pieces of advice: - Take yogurt alongside, the combination is a killer!

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