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Pool dating

“The thing about online dating I hate is — all you see is their picture.Lyft gives you a glimpse into their personality,” Shonna said.Mitchell, 26, uses the carpool versions of Uber and Lyft — called Uber Pool and Lyft Line — to meet women.

It’s a natural, maybe even inevitable, perk of the sharing economy.But the drivers I spoke with assured me that the dating pool is limited to certain neighborhoods or times of day.Saturday night, when everyone’s been drinking, is prime pickup time.Drivers were quick to regale me with the kind of stories usually reserved for bartenders.An Uber driver named Cesar estimated that at least once or twice a day he’ll have passengers who flirt or try to exchange numbers. It’ll say ‘Brooke,’ and you’ll see them brushing up.

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As soon as the person gets in, now they’re on a timer,” said Cesar.