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He once declared “I could have spent the rest of my life disproving psychoanalysis, but I decided to invent transactional analysis instead.” As a gifted leader, he empowered his followers with an “Us Against Them” pride, while chuckling “Out here in California were building a new Mercedes Benz but back East they are still driving a Model T Ford.” He was a humorist, once referring to the DSM II as “The Standardized List Of Putdowns.” To the established treatment approaches, with his wry humor, he referred to them as “chicken soup” and “religion” and not true “science;” and favoring a “treat” over a “treatment.” Stressing originality, when Dylan sang “The Times They Are A-Changing,” Berne echoed with “Don’t say anything that has ever been said before,” and for a more scientific study of self and relationships, he said “Don’t say anything that cannot be diagrammed.” And in a direct challenge to the inbred psychoanalytic writing style, he said that TA writing should be for the people, the layman, and must be “understandable to an 8 year-old child, a mid-west farmer, and an M. To their charges to him of “intellectualizing,” he replied, “We respect our patients intelligence.” They would say to him “Yours is oversimplified,” and to that he retorted “Yours is overcomplicated.” At his home he gathered a professional group including many doctors; Goulding, Harris, Everts, Karpman, Dusay, Steiner, Kupfer, and others, and welcomed all disciplines equally, to help set down a new game-changing set of strict standards of greater objectivity in psychiatric thought than had ever been known before.At the core of his theory was the observable social transaction, a transactional reality in objective facts that could be “photographed and tape recorded,” as opposed to imaginary transferences and an invisible Super Ego, Ego, and Id that could not be “photographed and tape recorded.” He had a high standard of rigorous objective thinking about what real people do in the real world, not in the protected subjective world of the analysts couch. He would say “Hey, gang, we’re in danger of having an interesting evening. I was once kicked out for a week for using the non-transactional word “dependency.” Imagine today if he heard the phrase “engulfment and co-creativity in a transferential field” if they were not put into diagrams with the exact transactions quoted with vivid imagery! In organizations, education, and mental health, TA is a theory and practice we need now more than ever. Sign up to receive the Call for Proposals as well as upcoming information about registration. For more information contact the ITAA at the link on the left column or go to Interested visitors to this website may join the ITAA for certified training programs, publications, and world conferences in Transactional Analysis. 6th-9th August 2014 San Francisco Airport Marriott Waterfront San Francisco, California, U. Join us in changing the games that still trouble our world today.Let’s get some work done.” We had to follow his much higher standard of thought than was ever known to the industry. The first rule was that the presenter had to write a legitimate question on the blackboard that would then be the theory problem for the audience to solve. Berne would frequently read from the books he was writing in his leadership role to inspire and demonstrate the creation of new theory.This also removed any one-up, one-down superiority advantage for the speaker - the audience automatically had superior knowledge to the presenter. With superb leadership skills he also created an ITAA international organization with officers, levels of training, articles published, and conferences that are flourishing today in 60 countries across the globe.The purpose was to brainstorm new TA theory; time used was not spent on training purposes.Berne laid down his breakthrough new rules for theory making using acute observation and intuition to find the common denominators in human behavior, always put in simple layman’s language and reduced to its core truths using Occam’s Razor of Parsimony.

This will be discussed later as we put two compassion triangles together to move from the principles of Family Peace to World Peace.To that new generations movement, Berne contributed enlightenment and permission by diagramming that the Parent was NOT the same as the Adult; and that “The Child is the most important ego state with all the other ego states set up to protect it.” His 1964 book “Games People Play” was a best seller for over two years and attracted thousands to a better way of understanding social relationships.In that backdrop, Berne too was a revolutionary for those times, and he, too, was challenging the Critical Parent, but in a revolution against the entrenched establishment psychiatric Parent and the vague science of the old ways. professor.” was an objective scientist, a highly trained physician and psychiatrist who rebelled against the vague, experiential subjective world of the current psychoanalytic establishment and their complicated language.In the early days, the first Synthesis in TA occurred when the Goulding School, and also Cathexis schools, used regression therapy techniques to plumb deeper levels of the Child experientially, but then returning to Adult consciousness to make objective science of the original theory the method uncovered, with new insights, diagrams, and lists that were true to Berne’s Occam’s Razor standard.The Three R’s of TA regression therapy for the “NOW” could be Redecision, Reparenting, and Relational. Shortly after Berne’s death in 1960, I suggested and got voted in, the establishment an Annual Eric Berne Memorial Scientific Award to preserve the continuing theory growth which was Berne’s purpose of the 202.

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I provide some examples for you in the pages below. The article begins with my five-year training experience with Eric Berne in his Tuesday night San Francisco Advanced "202" Seminar, in which he lays down the principles of a new interpersonal social psychological science of brevity in theory-making brought into layman's language.

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