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Webcams can also be hacked into and turned on without your teen’s knowledge so it is important that they turn their webcams off properly, perhaps even by covering the lens when the webcam is not in use.

Unfortunately, the anonymity the internet offers can lead people to forget social boundaries.

Even if the meetup is planned in a public place and with a group of people, this can still be risky.

Explain the dangers of not knowing who that person is and how vulnerable they would be if they were to meet up with them.

It can be exciting and informative to communicate with different people online.

By providing us with any personal data, you consent to the collection and use of any information you provide in accordance with the above purposes and our privacy statement.

But I'm still afraid of losing control over my child's interactions with her peers.

I must say its been alot of fun, specially in the old days of Teen chat, I'm sure some people I know can relate with me on this and say that I am absolutely happy that this place even exists otherwise I woulda never met any of my friends, Especially my best friend Sarah, who now lives with me and is the bestest friend that anyone could ask for. I never knew that there were so many people in the world who are emo just like me!

It amazed me how everyone in the emo chat room just came to life (not literally, you know how we emo's are).

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Let them know that you can help them and they won’t be in trouble as it is important for them to confide in you if anything troubles them online.

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