Inmate dating online

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Inmate dating online

It's not the first time Obama has attached conditions, either.

In January, he granted clemency to seven Iranians accused or convicted of of espionage as part of a "humanitarian gesture" that has since been criticized by congressional Republicans as a hostage swap.

That day, White House Counsel Neil Eggleston — who advises the president on commutation applications — explained the new drug treatment condition in a blog post on the White House web site."For some, the president believes that the applicant’s successful re-entry will be aided with additional drug treatment, and the president has conditioned those commutations on an applicant’s seeking that treatment," Eggleston wrote.

"Underlying all the president’s commutation decisions is the belief that these deserving individuals should be given the tools to succeed in their second chance."Since Aug.

With the 673 previous commutations granted, the total should have been 775 — but the White House accounting had only 774.

Before the court hearing, when he walked into the courtroom and shook the hand of one of his lawyers, he said he had not touched another human being in any meaningful way for nearly 37 years.​Jones, 50, is in a low-security federal prison in Beaumont, Texas.The unusual rejection came to light last week, when Obama commuted the sentences of 102 more federal inmates.At the same time, Obama has also begun to attach drug treatment as a condition of many of those commutations, beginning with Jones' class of 214 inmates on Aug.3 — the single largest grant of clemency in a single day in the history of the presidency.

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3, 22% of the commutations Obama has issued have required drug treatment.