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On May 25, five days after eating the pancake, her parents – who have now set up a trust in their daughter's name - had to make the heartbreaking decision to turn their only child's life-support machine off.

Nainika had struggled with allergies since she was tiny, but they had never been deemed 'high risk,' according to her mother.

A devastated mum has relived the moment when her nine-year-old daughter was killed by eating just one bite of a pancake, cooked for the youngster as a treat by her dad.

Nainika Tikoo, from Harrow, northwest London, passed away on May 22 this year, after suffering a severe anaphylactic reaction – a rapid onset and potentially lethal allergic response - to the lunchtime snack.

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Lakshmi said: 'For that reason, we had never seen an allergist.

We don't blame anyone for Nainika's death, but we do wish that there had been more awareness about allergies and we're determined to speak out in her name to stop any other families from going through this devastating pain.'Exclusively breastfed from birth, it wasn't until Nainika was six-months-old that her parents discovered her food allergies.

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Before she passed away, doctors ran a prick test and discovered that she was mildly allergic to blackberries.