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Mycenaeans were buried in a sitting position, and some of the nobility underwent mummification.

Around 1100–1050 BC, the Mycenaean civilization collapsed.

During the end of the 3rd millennium BC (circa 2200 BC; Early Helladic III), the indigenous inhabitants of mainland Greece underwent a cultural transformation attributed to climate change, local events and developments (e.g., destruction of the "House of the Tiles"), as well as to continuous contacts with various areas such as western Asia Minor, the Cyclades, Albania and Dalmatia.

and the Helladic culture on the Greek mainland from circa 3200/3100 BC to 2000/1900 BC.

Since then, Greek minorities have remained in former Greek territories (e.g.Mycenaean civilization was dominated by a warrior aristocracy.Around 1400 BC, the Mycenaeans extended their control to Crete, center of the Minoan civilization, and adopted a form of the Minoan script called Linear A to write their early form of Greek.They often buried daggers or some other form of military equipment with the deceased.The nobility were often buried with gold masks, tiaras, armor and jeweled weapons.

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The cause may be attributed to an invasion of the Sea People wielding iron weapons.

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