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One thing we can be sure of is that if we’re in such a spot, it’s because at some time in our past, we failed to enforce our boundaries in healthy ways, and later we suffer the consequences. We’ll leave the family and friendship drama for another time. But I have plenty of things in Life that hurt and will hurt me in the future. If all of the people destined for divorce or shitty marriages don’t end up getting married, how does that make the world a worse place? We enforce boundaries while dating IN ORDER TO achieve a healthy and successful relationship.

For now, I’m focused exclusively on enforcing boundaries while dating. The person I’m going to spend the rest of my life with WILL NOT be one of them if I can do anything about it. In the ideal scenario where everyone is making good Life choices, two assholes incapable of healthy marriage don’t end up marrying each other in the first place.

If you’re like me, you nodded your head ‘yes’ a few too many times because it hits a little too close to home, or because you remember how the younger you did all those things and maybe that’s why many shitty things happened. Emotionally healthy people have and enforce strong boundaries. Her mother was diagnosed with an aggressive form of cancer. Girl breaks because losing a parent can feel impossibly hard. You want to sell them to fans of her political rival.

Because sometimes it’s your spouse, or a parent, or a sibling, or an old friend, or a co-worker, or someone you share children with. But then Hedonic Adaptation does what it ALWAYS does, and the lovey-dovey stuff wears off for the Boy. Boy’s behavior forces Girl to take on lion’s share of that work because he’s totally disengaged outside of their date-ish time together. What if, when Boy started exhibiting behaviors she was uncomfortable with, she simply communicated that to him? I really care about you and want to see where this can go, but you need to know that I felt really crappy when X happened earlier. That’s how human beings learned that fire and water—two amazing, life-giving things—can also kill us.

You can’t always just walk away from people to enforce boundaries without innocents (like your kids or other family members or friends) becoming casualties of the decision. Girl finally tells Boy that she’s upset, either because he finally asks her what’s wrong, or because she works up the courage to say something even though she’s afraid of the potential fight or making him feel smothered and pushing him away. Maybe I’m misunderstanding, or getting something wrong. Marriages rooted in poor boundary enforcement will be difficult and dysfunctional. But the conversation about boundary enforcement changes between people who are dating and people who are married.

If they dismiss what you’re saying and feeling, indicating this shitty thing will continue to happen over and over again?

Dan's producing and taking care of the music, Carolyn's screening your calls, and me?

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I believe we must vigilantly enforce our boundaries (and respect others’ vigilantly enforced boundaries) in order to have high-functioning, healthy, mutually beneficial, and ultimately successful, human relationships. But no matter how much he tells her she’s being overly emotional or misreading the situation, she continues to feel sad and anxious about his behavior. Boy only gets upset WHEN she points out his behaviors that hurt her feelings, so she stops bringing them up so much, because she doesn’t like fighting, and the fear of him rejecting her or of being single again somehow outweighs the fear of his behavior hurting her feelings again. But she’s already invested two or three years in the relationship, all of her girlfriends are getting married, and all of the guys do stuff to upset them once in a while. Girl takes care of Life Things until she finally collapses emotionally. She didn’t know it until right now—but he doesn’t feel steady like her mom did. No one would EVER stay together if that was the case.

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