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(Sorry, I think sunken bathtubs are in luxury bathrooms.) Granted, he is not posing nude, but they do not come up to the same professional level of dress and attitude in official photographs or portraits that would be permissible to give young ministers or young admirers to frame.

These athletic suits and shirts are tight, form-fitting . Need I remind people that getting slippery soap clean in the shower or the bathtub as well as getting skin-to-skin close is a prerequisite to moving on to the intimacies of the bedroom?

Just like Spencer Le Grande from North Carolina, who became the fourth litigant in this case: Spencer Le Grande was 15 when he met Long and the two began a sexual relationship during a trip to Kenya after the youth turned 17, the latest suit alleges. Long later encouraged him to move to Atlanta, where the activity continued through 2009, Bernstein says.

Le Grande and his mother were among the founding members of Long’s satellite church in Charlotte, N. At that time Le Grande started dating, and Long attempted to end that relationship “by increased contact and spiritual talk as to the relationship between the Spiritual Son and himself,” the suit states.

Paulk was an early white Southern religious supporter of Martin Luther King Jr., and a fighter against racism all the way up to the time of his death in 2009.

His mounting sexual improprieties committed throughout his ministry, which made national headlines in the 1990s, seems to have permanently besmirched that record.

For me, they begin to prove the allegations of these young men that Bishop Long had cultivated a stable of youth ministers and congregants These aren’t the kinds of photos that you would send to a young man or a young woman under your guidance, unless you wanted that young person to admire your body, if not sexually and carnally.

Especially the red shirt photo, which was e-mailed in November 2008, and is signed, “Eddie L.

Why not the person who, through Bernice King, hijacked the funeral of her mother, Coretta King, so that not even Harry Belafonte, Andrew Young or Julian Bond could bring themselves to pay their last respects to her?Gays do not have to “recruit” young men into their number.Men (and women) naturally gravitate towards what stirs or interests them, either other men or other women openly or clandestinely or both.Eddie Long wanted to show that he was attractive, built, cut.He has the perfect V-shaped torso any male of any age would be proud of.

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Le Grande, however, was not a member of Long’s now notorious Long Fellows Youth Academy as were the first two young men. That’s how all that boyish sexual energy was trained on Eddie Long. Cult leaders often utilize this kind of strategy on their flocks.