Dating site email extractor

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Dating site email extractor

At his disposal, there was also a 4X optical sight coupled to the main gun, and a TSh K-66 sight/rangefinder.

The loader had an MK-4 observation device in the main hatch.

At Leningrad Ch Tz factory complex (Chelyabinsk) VNII-100 institute the “Obyekt 740” designed by the engineer N. It had good overall performances and an innovative water-jet design system.The hull was made of cold rolled welded steel, completely sealed.Turret armor was 20 mm at 35° on the front, 16 mm on the sides, 11 mm rear and 8 mm top.This was followed by a final prototype built at Kirov Plant in 1950, and after a second campaign, the vehicle was adopted on August 6, 1951, as the PT-76.The PT-76 design was straightforward, as a stretched out T-40.

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It developed 240 hp (179 k W) at 1,800 rpm, with a cooling system and an initial heater.

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