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Annals of internet dating

First and foremost, it is important for you to know that, contrary to implications made on the Internet, clinical trials of hydrazine sulfate have been done and published in peer-reviewed medical journals which circulate worldwide.that every single, informed-consent, controlled clinical trial of hydrazine sulfate, performed in accordance with internationally accepted criteria and standards of scientific conductwithout exceptionhas indicated efficacy and safety of the drug.was at the time perhaps the most authoritative medical journal in the world and its prestigious Commentary section, located at the beginning of many issues, was in effect a forum that usually addressed an important social or political medical problem or questionand was thus a reflection of the views of organized medicine at its highest levels. Regelson stated that he and others had performed randomized, double-blind studies on HS that were negative.

It will be plainly seen that the cautions against this drug presented on the Internet by our highest federal health agencies are but an assemblage of misinformation and disinformation which acts to discourage this drug's use both by individual patients as well as by well-meaning physicians.It was further proposed that if tumor energy (ATP) gain and host energy loss (resulting from cancer-induced excessive gluconeogenesis) were functionally interrelatedas seemed probable HS could also, by indirect and non-toxic means, inhibit tumor growth itself.. In fact, the text stated that because of the highly positive findings the study was being immediately enlarged.Despite this drug's early promise, from the very beginning of clinical trials, HS was to be met with controversy as a function of government action. Hanley (Chair of the Post Office and Civil Service Committee and a member of many committees and subcommittees) requested a status report on HS from the director of the National Cancer Institute, our country'sand the world'slargest and most influential cancer agency. Michael Gershanovich, no evidence of meaningful anticancer activity was reported. As to whether the NCI response to Congressman Hanley represented an innocent error on the part of the NCI or a deliberate fabrication, a further letter from the NCI, dated June 22, 1976, stated: An abstract [summary] of the Gershanovich study appeared in This published abstract antedated the NCI's response to Congressman Hanley by six months.The authors further stated: His blood was not tested for the presence of hydrazine.But there are simple spectrofluorometric blood tests that will confirm even the smallest residues of hydrazine sulfate ingested even months earlier.

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Although hydrazine sulfate is carcinogenici.e., can cause cancerin some weanling mice given the drug in their drinking water since birth, presented a Brief Communication (and accompanying editorial) in its December 5, 2000 issue, of a single patient who allegedly died of fatal hepatorenal failure as a result of HS therapy.